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Playground Safety!

Children love to run around and have fun, especially when visiting a playground. They can be reckless, but not every risk to them comes from acting wild and having fun.   Keep Children Within Sight At All Times -There are many dangers involved with children getting out sight of their parent or the adult watching over them. They could be kidnapped, or they may hurt themselves. It’s best to keep close watch of them to prevent these, and other playground mishaps.   Check Temperature Of Sli...

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Look Younger This Summer!

Looking for a facial that will help you look and FEEL younger? We’ve got just the one for you.   The Elemis Biotec Firm-a-Lift facials helps to firm and tighten the skin of the cheeks, neck and jawline. How does it manage this? Well, the skin is infused and stimulated by the contouring benefits of the Lift Effect Activator. The Lift Effect Activator is made with revolutionary plant stem cells and lupin.   Microcurrent pulses coupled with arjuna extract and amber dramatically help lift and...

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Get Silky Smooth Legs for the Summer

Summer is here! If you’re anything like me, then you can’t wait to bust out your bathing suit and go take a dive into the pool (or maybe the ocean, if you’re lucky enough to go to one this summer). One of the biggest pains I have though is making sure my legs stay silky smooth and presentable. Let’s be honest, shaving is a HUGE pain. I hate doing it. No matter how thorough I think I’m being, I always miss a tiny spot on my knee. I’m sure you know the feeling.   I started getting laser hair ...

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Beat the Heat!

It’s summer time! Which, for most people (especially children), means a lot more time is going to be spent outside. While a lot of good things come from being outside, there can be a few negatives as well, especially when it’s this hot out. And man, is it HOT! One thing people don’t usually think about while spending a lot of time outside in the sun is the possibility of getting heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion occurs from spending too much time in a hot environment, especially if you are b...

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Getting Ready for Trips Abroad

It’s summer now, which means one thing… vacations!   If you’re going out of the country on a vacation, one thing you need to be absolutely sure you do is get your travel vaccines. Different countries have illnesses and diseases that are more prevalent there than here in the US. With that in mind, the vaccines you require when traveling to different countries vary from place to place. Some common vaccines you will get are for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid, rabies, polio, m...

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A Visit For Your Health

We’re at that halfway point in the year, everyone, so you should start looking into doing a wellness visit. A lot of people push off wellness visits until the end of the year (if they even do them at all), but do your health a favor and don’t hold off. We do various screenings here at HCE, but here are some of the most important you need to have done on your wellness visit:   Cancer screenings - Women need to have breast cancer screenings done every one or two years after they turn 40, an...

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Klondike Leadership Academy 2018 Launch

You may or may not know it, but we here at HealthCARE Express have our own free leadership program for children called Klondike Leadership Academy. Klondike Leadership Academy (KLA) is focused on creating a legacy of leaders within our communities and within the world. This program is for children in kindergarten to fifth grade. Klondike Leadership Academy is designed to create a spirit of leadership in today’s children. It focuses on core concepts of responsibility, accountability, and taki...

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Is It a Concussion? Find Out Fast!

A brain injury needs prompt diagnosis and treatment. But it’s not always easy to detect. That’s why it’s important to get any head injury checked, even if you think you’re okay. Fortunately, we can screen for concussions and other serious brain injuries right here at our center, with an innovative new device called the BrainScope® One. A BrainScope One head injury assessment is… - Fast. An assessment can be completed in as quickly as 10 minutes. - Patient-friendly. It’s non-invasive. - Acc...

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Allergies Be Gone! - Immunotherapy

HealthCARE Express offers immunotherapy all year round, so you can come get your treatments at any time of year to get prepared for allergy season. Anyone ages two and up can receive treatment (depending on medical history and doctor’s orders, of course). They offer both blood testing and skin prick testing for allergies, as well. The skin prick testing is more accurate than the blood test and is easily performed. The skin on the arm or back is simply scraped with a small comb hosting differe...

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Congratulations to Our KLA Winners!

You may or may not know it, but we here at HealthCARE Express have our own free leadership program for children called Klondike Leadership Academy. Klondike Leadership Academy (KLA) is focused on creating a legacy of leaders within our communities and within the world. Our goal is to teach children within the program what it means to be a leader, and how they can be one. To do so, we have seven Skill Sets for children to explore to learn just what it takes to be a great leader: Yes I Can, Wor...

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