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Back to School Tips

It's time for school! Here are some tips on how to start the year right!

It's time for school! Here are some tips on how to start the year right! Everyone has to carry a backpack, but you want to make sure that the backpack that your child may be using is big enough to carry all of their school supplies, and is easy (and healthy) to carry around almost all day.   Backpack Safety -Be sure to purchase a lightweight, durable backpack -The shoulder straps should be wide and padded to prevent discomfort. The part that rests against the back should be padded, as we...

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I know we normally only offer two specials a month, but this year we wanted to give you a little more than that! For August, we’re offering three awesome deals for a few of our anti-blemish facials. Whether you’re an adult that still suffers from acne trouble, or the parent of a child wanting a fresh face before they go back to school, these facials are for you!   Our first special is Biotec Blemish Control facial. This month, we’re offering it for just $120 (normally $240)! This facial detox...

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We here at HealthCARE Express know how important it is to keep your kids happy and healthy, but sometimes against your best efforts your child somehow ends up sick anyway. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) is a virus that most commonly affects children 5 years old or younger, though it isn’t impossible for older children, or even adults, to contract the virus as well. Though HFMD isn’t dangerous, it is still important to know the symptoms so that they can be treated. Besides, no one wants ...

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We are now offering Purity Coffee at each of our HealthCARE Express locations. Many current studies have shown that coffee is good for you and that those who regularly drink coffee even tend to live longer than those who don’t! Coffee has many extraordinary benefits, and those benefits are taken to the next level with Purity Coffee.   Purity Coffee is organic and crafted from specialty grade coffee beans. They roast the beans in a way that maximizes the healthy effects of the coffee. In fact,...

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Ticked Off About Rashes?

Summer is here, and with summer comes many outdoor activities like camping and hiking. While these activities are fun, it is important to keep in mind that there are various types of disease carrying insects out there that are just waiting for something (or someone) to pass by them that they can latch onto. One of these insects is, of course, the tick. Not every tick causes the same type of rash, as not all of them carry the same diseases. Here are the different types of rashes that can be ca...

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Poison Plant Identification

Whether you are out in the great outdoors hiking or camping, or simply clearing away unwanted foliage in your backyard, you are at risk of coming into contact with various types of poisonous plants, such as poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Coming into contact with these plants leaves itchy red rashes on most people due to the oils that the leaves produce. While some people don’t have reactions to these oils, others can break out in rashes of varying degrees of severity depending on t...

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The Itch Stops Here!

Though they are small, chiggers can leave you with some of the itchiest bites you will ever receive from the business end of an insect. Chiggers are the larvae of red bugs, and they tend to make their homes in tall grass and weeds. It’s easy to pick up some of these tiny creatures while camping or even hunting. Whenever you’re wading through tall patches of grass, chances are you may pick up some of them. If you get bitten by chiggers there are many different things you can use at home to tre...

We're Opening Soon!

All of us here at HealthCARE Express believe that a healthy life is a happy life. In honor of that, we have worked with the community here in Mount Pleasant, TX to have the week of the opening of our clinic declared Health Awareness Week!   Throughout the week, we will be hosting several fun events that will bring attention to different aspects of health. Take a look at what we have planned!   Monday, July 16 - VIP Night Come tour the HealthCARE Express clinic and learn about health and ...

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Playground Safety!

Children love to run around and have fun, especially when visiting a playground. They can be reckless, but not every risk to them comes from acting wild and having fun.   Keep Children Within Sight At All Times -There are many dangers involved with children getting out sight of their parent or the adult watching over them. They could be kidnapped, or they may hurt themselves. It’s best to keep close watch of them to prevent these, and other playground mishaps.   Check Temperature Of Sli...

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Look Younger This Summer!

Looking for a facial that will help you look and FEEL younger? We’ve got just the one for you.   The Elemis Biotec Firm-a-Lift facials helps to firm and tighten the skin of the cheeks, neck and jawline. How does it manage this? Well, the skin is infused and stimulated by the contouring benefits of the Lift Effect Activator. The Lift Effect Activator is made with revolutionary plant stem cells and lupin.   Microcurrent pulses coupled with arjuna extract and amber dramatically help lift and...

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