After Hours Pediatric Clinic

Pediatric Urgent Care After Hours ClinicHave you ever noticed your kids seem to get sick at the worst possible times — in the middle of your workday, shortly after picking them up from the daycare, or just after they finish sports practice?

The medical providers at HealthCARE Express are able to treat all ages, making us a great after hours pediatric clinic option to help you through those times.

We know when you have sick kids, you need a place to turn!  Our medical team is dedicated to putting a smile on your child’s face and getting them back to their regular activities … so you can get back to yours, too!

All HealthCARE Express locations are staffed by doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who are board certified in family medicine or emergency medicine — giving them in-depth knowledge of how to handle the little emergencies that come up in your little one’s life.

Our clinics are also designed with kids in mind.  From the fun kid’s play areas in the lobby, to rooms with murals painted just for them, our goal is to make a visit to our urgent care clinic a fun experience — even if your kids aren’t feeling the best!  :)

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Note: The time you register for is an estimate based on current patient volumes. Please arrive to be seen at the time given and alert the front desk upon your arrival. Other medical emergencies may delay your treatment time.